University of Massachusets, Amherst
Math 621
Complex Analysis
Spring Semester 2011


Instructor: Dr. Farshid Hajir.    Office: Lederle Graduate Research Tower 1118.    Phone: 545-6015. e-mail:

SS means Stein-Shakarchi

Homework 1. Due Tue January 25.

Homework 2. Due Tue February 1.

Homework 3. Due Thursday February 10.

Homework 4. Due Thursday February 17.

Homework 5. Due Thursday February 24.

Homework 6. Due Thursday March 10. This will also serve as a list of Sample Midterm Questions.

Homework 7. Due Thursday March 31.

Homework 8. Due Thursday April 7.

Homework 9. Due Thursday April 21.

Final Exam Sample. You don't need to hand this in.

Notes on Weierstrass's theorem. An elaboration of the proof of theorem 5.3.