Honors Calculus II


Franz Pedit, LGRT 1542 & 1535
Office hours: M 12:00--1:00, Tu 11:30 -- 12:30

The course covers integration in one variable, infinite series of fucntions, and applications to differential equations, curves in the plane, and basic physics etc.


Calculus: Early Transcendentals (any edition) by James Stewart.
Analysis by its History by Ernst Hairer & Gerhard Wanner.
Calculus (any edition) by Michael Spivak.


Home work problems will be assigned on a regular basis and graded. There will be a midterm exam and a final exam.
The total grade will be the equally weighted average of those three grades.  D is in the range of 60-70, C 70-80, B 80-90, and A 90-100.

Midterm Exam:  October 18, in class.
Final Exam:  Take home exam, due noon on December 18.

Andreas Hayash, LGRT 1335A
Discussion meeting: W 5:30--6:20 LGRT 143
Office hours: W 4:00--5:00, Thu 1:00--2:00.

Sylee Dandekar
By appointment

Home Work

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Course contents

Week 1:  Concepts of lenght and area; definition of the Riemann integral.
Week 2:  Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Antiderivatives. Area.
Week 3:  Techniques of integration and examples.
Week 4:  Length of curves and volumes of solids.
Week 5:  Improper integrals. y'=y, the exponential function revisited.
Week 6: Power series. Convergency.
Week 7:  Taylor series of a function.
Week 8:  Applications of Taylor series.
Week 9:  Complex numbers and Taylor series 1.
Week10: Complex numbers and Taylor series 2.
Week11: Euler's formula
Week 12: Applications to geometry and physics
Week13: What comes next? An outlook.