Letters of recommendation Math Alliance UMass postdocs
Graduate students

Name Placement Employment Thesis
Arie Stern Gonzalez Anticanonical Models of Smoothings of Cyclic Quotient Singularities
Sebastian Torres University of Miami University of Miami Windows in Algebraic Geometry and Applications to Moduli
Tassos Vogiannou Hebrew University of Jerusalem Media Molecule Spherical Tropicalization
Julie Rana University of Minnesota Lawrence University. Boundary Divisors in the Moduli Space of Stable Quintic Surfaces

Honors Thesis and REU students.

Name Placement Awards Product (for citations see the research page)
Viviene Do
Pranav Ramakrishnan
Elizabeth Pratt UC Berkeley On The Geometry Of Elliptic Pairs, arXiv:2204.02971, 23 pages
Shelby Cox University of Michigan NSF GRFP.
UMass Rising Researcher
Log canonical models of hyperplane arrangement complements.
Greg McGrath UC Santa Barbara Seshadri constants on irrational surfaces.
Stephen Obinna Brown Blow-ups of toric surfaces (see [24], [33]).
A database of toric surfaces of Picard number 2 with curves of high multiplicity.
Morgan Opie Harvard Churchill scholarship
Alice T. Schafer, runner-up.
UMass Rising Researcher
A database of hypertree divisors. See [22], [32]
Extremal divisors on M0,n, Michigan Math. J., V. 65, N 2 (2016), 251-285
Nicky Reyes UT Austin NSF GRFP. Extremal P-resolutions (see [25]).
Nate Harman MIT NSF GRFP. Combinatorics of hypertrees (see [22], [31]).
Charles Boyd Internship at Macaulay 2 Craighero-Gattazzo surface (see [26]).
Ilya Scheidwasser Northeastern University Combinatorics of hypertrees (see [22], [31]). Hypergraph curves.
C++ program that found all hypertrees with 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 vertices.
Alex Levin University of Vermont The dual complex of the Naruki space of cubic surfaces (see [20]) is shellable.

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