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Special Session: Combinatorial Methods in Equivariant Topology
Fall Eastern Section Meeting of the American Mathematical Society
University of Connecticut, Storrs, October 28-29, 2006



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Schedule of Talks

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Saturday Sunday

8:00am Megumi Harada Rebecca Goldin    slides (.pdf)
8:30 Eduardo Gonzalez Catalin Zara
9:00 Alvaro Pelayo Julianna Tymoczko
9:30 Benjamin Howard      slides (.pdf) Alexander Yong
10:00 Kevin Purbhoo Dave Anderson
10:30 Diane Maclagan Thomas Lam

2:30pm Jeremy Martin          slides (.pdf) Jonathan Weitsman
3:00 Nicholas Proudfoot Leonardo Mihalcea    slides (.pdf)
3:30 David Speyer            slides (.pdf) Anders Buch       slides (.ps)
4:00 Allen Knutson
4:30 Alexander Postnikov
5:00 Lauren Williams       slides (.ps)