Algebraic Geometry / Commutative Algebra Seminar
Spring 2011. Surfaces of general type


Jan 21. Organizational meeting, 4:30PM, LGRT 1634.
Jan 28. Paul Hacking, The canonical divisor class. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634. Lecture notes by Anna Kazanova pdf.
Feb 4. Jenia Tevelev, Linear systems and examples of surfaces of general type. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634. Lecture notes by Julie Rana pdf.
Feb 11. David Cox, The Enriques classification of complex algebraic surfaces. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634. Lecture notes by Anna Kazanova pdf.
Feb 18. Giancarlo Urzua, Geography of surfaces of general type. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634. Lecture notes by Holley Friedlander pdf. Picture jpeg.
Feb 25. DOUBLE HEADER!! Refreshments at 3:45PM.
Paul Hacking, Singularities of surfaces occurring as limits of smooth surfaces. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634. Lecture notes by Alden Gassert pdf.
Giancarlo Urzua, Computing limits of one-parameter families of surfaces of general type. 4:00PM, LGRT 1634. Lecture notes by Nico Aiello and Toby Wilson jpeg1, jpeg2, jpeg3, jpeg4
Mar 11. Eyal Markman, Deformation theory 101. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634.
Mar 18. No meeting (Spring Break).
Mar 25. Alden Gassert, Quintic surfaces. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634.
Apr 1. No meeting (AGNES conference).
Apr 8. Anna Kazanova, Godeaux surfaces. 2:30PM, LGRT 1234.
Apr 15. Julie Rana, The Craighero-Gattazzo surface. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634.
Apr 22. Toby Wilson, Enriques-Catanese-Debarre surfaces. 2:30PM, LGRT 1634.
Apr 29. Nico Aiello, Barlow surfaces. 2:30PM, LGRT 1234.



M. Reid, Lectures on algebraic surfaces (videos), here.
P. Hacking, Notes from a graduate course on complex surfaces, here
M. Reid, Chapters on algebraic surfaces, arxiv
W. Barth, K. Hulek, C. Peters, A. Van de Ven, Compact complex surfaces, googlebooks
R. Friedman, Algebraic surfaces and holomorphic vector bundles, googlebooks
A. Beauville, Complex algebraic surfaces, googlebooks

Research papers

Quintic surfaces
E. Horikawa, On deformations of quintic surfaces, Invent. Math. 31 (1975), no.1, p.43-85.

Godeaux surfaces
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The Craighero--Gattazzo surface
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Barlow surfaces
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M. Reid, A simply connected surface of general type with pg=0 due to Rebecca Barlow, here.

Enriques-Catanese-Debarre surfaces
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