About homework

Homework will be assigned and done in the WebAssign on-line learning system. (A few of the problems may require on-paper submission.) Your instructor may also assign additional homework.

Exams will be constructed under the assumption that you have done these assignments.

When is homework due?

Homework due dates for your lecture section will be posted in WebAssign and announced by your instructor.

How does homework count?

Your homework score will constitute at least half of the instructor’s 16% portion of your grade, that is, the homework score will constitute at least 8% of your course grade.

Your instructor will tell you further details about the homework policy for your section.

Logging in to WebAssign at http://webassign.net/

On the log-in page, give your…

  • Username: your UMass Student ID number
  • Institution: umass
  • Password: initially, your UMass Student ID number (change it as soon as possible, and make it something you'll remember but others won't be able to figure out!)

WebAssign access code

Two weeks after the semester’s start, you will need to enter your WebAssign access code when you log in.

You get this access code when you buy the textbook + WebAssign package. If you didn't buy the package, you may buy an access code from the WebAssign site, but it will cost you $25 instead of the $10 extra for the textbook + WebAssign package.

Why WebAssign? In Math 131 we are using this on-line homework system, rather than written homework, because:

  • you receive immediate feedback;
  • you have multiple chances to get your answers correct;
  • you won’t have to wait for a week or more for a human grader to return written homework papers; and
  • you can work interactive tutorials in many assignments; and
  • using WebAssign increases exam scores significantly!

WebAssign assignments are based upon problems and examples from the text, sometimes modified to fit the WebAssign format. Most WebAssign problems are “parameterized”, so that different students get different versions of the problem.

Most WebAssign problems are fill-in-the-blank, where you just supply the answer, and a few are multiple-choice. On exams, by contrast, you are expected to write out your solution in an organized fashion and show all the relevant work. The paper-and-pencil quizzes given in most lecture sections will provide practice with, and feedback on, writing out solutions.

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