Math 131: About the 16% portion

The remaining 16% of your course score is determined by your instructor and may consists of such components of your work as:

  • homework in the WebAssign on-line system (at least 8%)
  • quizzes, in recitation and or lecture meetings
  • other written individual or group in-class work
  • class participation

Your section’s instructor will tell you the way that the scores of those components are combined in order to calculate the 16% portion of your overall course score. However, in no case will mere attendance constitute more than one-quarter of the 16% portion.

Your instructor will provide further instructions about the on-line homework. You will need a WebAssign access code, which is provided with your new copy of the text. (If you bought a copy of the text without WebAssign access, then you can obtain access after you log in, but it will be more expensive than if you purchase access with the text.)

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