Math 131: Useful links

Textbook-related links

The publisher’s companion site for the Stewart textbook…

 …contains additional content, including on-line graphing tools, brief on-line tutorial on using the TI-89 and other HP calculators, and links to other calculus resources. The latter include the TEC interactive modules.

Follett’s UMass Amherst Textbook Annex web site.

UMass links

UMass Amherst Mathematics and Statistics Department home page.

Registrar’s web site (final exam conflict policy)

Calculator-related links

Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium features (manufacturer’s site)

Brief on-line TI-89 tutorial; another tutorial.

Independent TI calculator organization ticalc.org web site.

Calculus links

How to calculate a derivative symbolically for your examples, done live and step-by-step (from calc101.com).  Try first the stored examples, then your own.

Applets about meaning of the derivative as a slope, and relations between the graph of a function and the graph of its derivative (from Maths online)

Applets on limits and derivatives (from Internation Education Software).

Calculus on the Web (COW) Internet library for learning calculus.

An applet from MIT that explains Newton’s method graphically.

The Connected Curriculum Project: modules in calculus from Duke University and Montana State University (the latter developed by Frank Wattenberg, formerly of UMass).  Many of these modules presume use of a “computer algebra system” such as Mathematica or Maple, but for some a graphing calculator will suffice.  Lots of connections of calculus to the “real world” here.

Index of online calculus resources (from the Math Forum)

There are some single-variable calculus interactive materials from the Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications at “MathDL”, the Mathematical Sciences Digital Library.

Find another good online applet or other online resource about limits or derivatives?  Let me know!

Just for “fun” (?)


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