Math 131: Attendance

Class attendance

You are expected to attend regularly and are responsible for anything you miss. (Your instructor will tell you whether the instructor’s 16% portion of your grade includes any credit for attendance.)

What to do if you miss class when a quiz is given or homework is due

Consult the policy provided by the instructor of your own section of Math 131.

What to do if you are prevented from taking an exam

See the exam make-up policy.Note that make-ups cannot be given just to accommodate travel plans.

Absence for religious observance

In accordance with University regulations, if you will be absent from an exam or other Math 131 class activity because of religious observance, then you must notify your instructor in writing, in advance of the absence, and at the beginning of the semester—within one full week of your enrollment in the course.

Making up work missed because of religious observance is handled the same way as in the case of other legitimate absence.

How to contact your instructor about unexpected absence

To contact your Math 131 instructor to give prior notice of an unexpected absence from an exam or other class activity, you may:

  • see your instructor at a class meeting; or
  • go to your instructor’s office hours; or
  • phone or e-mail your instructor (contact information is on the Office Hours page at the Mathematics and Statistics Department web site www.math.umass.edu); or
  • leave a message in your instructor’s mailbox in LGRT 1623D; or
  • phone the Mathematics and Statistics Department at 545-2762 or, when there is no answer outside business hours, leave voice mail at the department number 545-4499; or
  • use one of the methods above to contact your TA.

If due to the nature of the emergency you yourself are unable to make contact by one of these methods, ask a friend or family member to do it for you.

Your instructor will make the final determination as to the validity of the reason for missing work, as well as how you should make up the work.

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