Introduction into Linear Algebra 235 (Fall 2017)

The class meets on TueThr 8:30AM-9:45AM for 235.6 and 10:00AM-11:15AM for 235.5
Goessmann Lab. Addtn room 152
Office Hours: Tue, Thr 1:30PM-2:30PM or by appointment on Fr 1:30PM-2:30PM


Three common exams (Midterm1, Midterm2, FinalExam): 75% (25% each)
Instructor's grade (Homework: 20% + participation in class discussion: 5%): 25%

Main course webpage with sillabus, class schedule and grading policy.

Important notes

Make-up exams will not be given to accomodate travel plans.
No calculators are allowed during exams. You may use calculators to check your homework solutions, but credit will be given only for answers showing all your steps (unless mentioned otherwise in the assignment).
If you have a documented disability that requires an accommodation, please notify me within the first two weeks of the semester so that we may make appropriate arrangements.


MyMathLab is required for this course. An electronic copy of the textbook is included in your purchase of MyMathLab ($75). Go to (link) and use the Course section ID:

How to transfer between sections in Webwork


Midterm 1 will be on Thursday, Oct 12th, 7-9pm.
Midterm 2 will be on Tuesday, Nov 14th, 7-9pm. Locations:

Final exam will be Monday, Dec 18th, 10:30am-12:30pm in Boyden Gym.

You are allowed one 8.5" x 11" sheet of notes (both sides). Calculators and the textbook are not allowed on the exams. You should bring your student ID (UCard) to each exam.

If you have a documented conflict for one of the exams, in order to take the make-up exam you must give the course chair Matthew Dobson at least one weeks' written notice for a midterm exam and at least two weeks' written notice for the final exam. Other make-up exams (for example due to medical emergencies) will be handled by your section instructor. Make-up exams will not be given to accommodate travel plans.

The practice midterm1
Solutions the problems from the practice midterm1

Practice problems for midterm2
Solutions for the practice midterm2

Practice Final Exam
Solutions for the problems from the Practice final Exam
Blacboard 1
Blacboard 2
Blacboard 3
Blacboard 4
Blacboard 5
Blacboard 6
Blacboard 7
Blacboard 8
Blacboard 9
Blacboard 10
Blacboard 11
Blacboard 12
Blacboard 13
Blacboard 14
Blacboard 15
Blacboard 16
Blacboard 17
Blacboard 18
Blacboard 19
Blacboard 21
Blacboard 22
Blacboard 23
Blacboard 24
Blacboard 25
Blacboard 26
Blacboard 27

Remarks on the practice final exam probelms that are not discussed on the blackboards


Open sourse software "sage" could be used to do linear algebra computations
Main sage website
Use sage online (you will need to create a username and password).
Quick reference guide to linear algebra in sage.

MIT Linear algebra course (lecture videos and course materials freely available).

Google is powered by linear algebra:
Expository article, Original article (see Section 2.1).