Math 236: Texts & Supplies


  • Bretscher, Linear Algebra with Applications, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 2001.  ISBN 0-13-019857-9. (Follettís/Textbook Annex $93.35)
  • Glynn and Gray, The Beginnerís Guide to Mathematica Version 4, Cambridge University Press, 2000, paperback. ISBN 0-521-77769-0.  (Follettís/Textbook Annex $29.95)
    Or downloadable Electronic Edition, available for $20 from MathWare ( I recommend the Electronic Edition especially if you will use Mathematica on your own computer.
  • A couple of PC-formatted floppy disks and/or a 100 MB PC-formatted Zip disk.


  • A scientific calculator capable of doing vector and matrix arithmetic.
  • Studentís Solutions Manual for Bretscherís text. ISBN 0-13-032856-1.
  • If you have a computer of your own, you might want to buy the student version of Mathematica, called Mathematica for Students. Available for $139.95 on CD from Wolfram Research ( or perhaps for a bit less at the computer department of Follettís Campus Center Bookstore Bookstore).  The student version is the full product and is not crippled in any way, although you get only limited tech support from the publisher.  However, since computers running Mathematica are available at UMASTR lab and elsewhere on campus, you are not required to buy this software or to have a computer of your own.


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