Math 236: News

Monday, Feb. 5 and Wednesday, Feb. 7 class meets at UMASTR Lab (Du Bois 1667).

Homework set 1 due Monday, Feb. 12.  For a worked-out example of the Gauss-Jordan algorithm, follow the Math notes link on the Notes page.  For examples of solving linear systems using Mathematica, see file Leontieff.nb on the Files page.

Homework set 2 and solutions are available on the Homework page.  Several versions of swap and scale appear in ElementaryRowOps.nb, available from the Files page.

Exam 1 Tuesday, March 13 at UMASTR Lab. See Exams page.

Exam 2 Wednesday, April 18 at UMASTR Lab. See Exams page.

Copies of the handouts for in-class exercises are now accessible from the Notes page.

Final exam Thursday, May 24, 4:00–6:00 p.m. at UMASTR LabNotify me immediately of any conflict—another exam officially scheduled at same time.

See Exams page for topics list and review session.

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Last modified: 01/14/06