Math 236: Links

Bretscherís textbook web site (

U. Mass./Amherst Mathematics & Statistics Department home page.

UMASTR computer lab home page (includes hours, policy on use, etc.).

Detailed UMASTR schedule posted by OIT/Personal Computing Classroom Operations.  Shows times one or more rooms are reserved for classes (but other rooms at UMASTR may be available then).

A free textbook on linear algebra by Jim Heffernon that you can download!

Frank's Wattenberg's site on Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, and ODEs in a Real and Complex World has interesting applications of linear algebra..


Prof. Ernest G. Manes prepared a set of notebooks about Mathematica Programming collectively called A Brief Introduction to Mathematica. (600x600)

Web site of Wolfram Research, publisher of Mathematica. Lots of information about Mathematica.

Find a good web site about linear algebra? Let me know and Iíll add a link to it here.

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