Math 236: Homework


Due date


Set 1

Monday, Feb. 12

236s01hw1.pdf (revised!)
236s01hw1ans.pdf, Set1work.nb (solutions)

Set 2

Friday, Feb. 16

236s01hw2.pdf (revised!)
236s01hw2ans.pdf, Set2Answer3Fig.nb (solutions)

Set 3

Tuesday, Feb. 27
(but #1 Fri., Feb. 23)


Set 4

Thursday, Mar. 8,
2:30 p.m.

236s01hw4ans.pdf and Set4Answers.nb (solutions)

Set 5

Monday, March 12
but #8 Fri., Mar. 16

236s01hw5.pdf and 236s01hw5ans.pdf (solutions)

Set 6

Wed., Mar. 28

236s01hw6.pdf and 236s01hw6ans.pdf

Set 7

Wednesday, Apr. 4
but #9 Fri., Apr. 6

236s01hw7.pdf; solutions 236s01hw7ans.pdf and ColumnSpace.nb

Set 8

Wed., Apr. 11
but #8 Fri., Apr. 13

236s01hw8.pdf (#7 omitted); solutions 236s01hw8ans.pdf and Proj.nb

Set 8.5

Tuesday, Apr. 17; do not turn in


Set 9

Friday, Apr. 27

236s01hw9.pdf, solutions 236s01hw9ans.pdf and Determ.nb

Set 10

Friday, May 4

236s01hw10.pdf, solutions 236s01hw10ans.pdf and 236s01hw10ans.nb

Set 11

Friday, May 11

236s01hw11.pdf, solutions 236s01hw11ans.pdf and 236s01hw11ans.nb

Set 12

Don’t turn in; do to learn latest topics.


Files whose extension is .pdf are in the “portable document format”; read them with the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for your web browser (download the plug-in from Adobe’s web site).
Files whose extension is .nb are Mathematica notebooks.  You can read these with MathReader, a stand-alone program you may download from Wolfram Research.  (You can re-evaluate cells in notebooks only with Mathematica itself.)

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Last modified: 01/13/06