Math 236: About exams

These cover both theory and calculation.  You need to know definitions and statements of theorems.  You will be able to use a calculator and—if, as expected, the exams are given at the lab—Mathematica.  In any case, you should show the setup leading to the computations done with the calculator or Mathematica.

Final exam: Covers the entire semester's work.  You must take it at the officially scheduled time except in the case of conflict (another exam at same time, or Math 236 being the middle one of 3 exams the same day).

Mid-semester exams: Each exam is announced about a week in advance.  If class on the exam date is canceled for any reason, the exam will be given at the next class.

There are no make-ups for mid-semester exams. Any excuse for missing an exam due to unavoidable cause such as serious illness must be in writing. By University policy, I will excuse missing an exam due to certain University-sanctioned events or a day of religious observance (about which you appropriately notified me).  The normal arrangement in the case of a valid excuse is that your grade will be based upon the rest of your work.

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