Math 236: Content

In Bretscher we will likely cover the following (times are only approximate):

  • Chapter 1 and App. A: linear equations and vectors—8 days
  • Chap. 2—linear transformations—8 days
  • Chap. 3—subspaces of Rn and their dimensions—10 days
  • Chap. 6—determinants—3 days
  • Chap. 7—eigenvalues and eigenvectors—8 days
  • Chap. 5—orthogonality and least-squares (omit 5.5)—8 days
  • Chap. 4—linear spaces—4 days

In Glynn and Gray you will have reading assignments correlated with the Mathematica material being taught in class and via Mathematica notebooks.

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