How can I connect to the math department network from a personal device?

See our Connecting to the Math Department Network page.

How do I find my computer’s MAC address?

Before you can use the Math wireless network, RCF will need to know your computer’s MAC address. You can find your MAC address by following the instructions below for your operating system:


Click on the Start button –> search for and open cmd.exe –> A command prompt window will open. Type ipconfig /all and hit Enter –> You should see an entry for each of your computer’s network adapters. Look for references to “Wireless” for the correct entry. The “Physical Address” is your MAC address. This should be a 12 character sequence, such as “A4-58-6E-8F-3C-D9”


Click the Apple logo (in top left corner of your screen) –> System Preferences… –> Network –> Select “Wi-Fi” from the panel on the left –> click “Advanced…” –> Select “Hardware” from the menu of the new window –> The MAC address should be visible. This should be a 12 character sequence, such as “a4:58:6e:8f:3c:d9”


Open a terminal –> Type ip a and hit enter –> You should see an entry for each of your computer’s network interfaces - the wireless interface will likely start with “wl”. The MAC address is a 12 character sequence, such as “a4:58:6e:8f:3c:d9”, listed after “link/ether”

How can I access department printers from my personal laptop?

See our printing resources page.

I’ve changed my department password, and now I can’t print from my laptop! How do I fix this?


  1. Open “Keychain Access”. The easiest way to do this is to search in spotlight (the magnifying class in the top right corner)

  2. In the sidebar of the keychain access window, find and click on “login”. You should then see among the list a password with the name of the printer in question (ex. “XeroxB610-1537-BW” for the 15th floor, “phaser1115-BW-pub” for the 11th, etc). Click on each printer, and then hit the delete key to erase it.

  3. The next time you try to print you should be asked again for your credentials


You will need to remove and re-add the department printers. You do not need to re-install the drivers. See our printing resources page for more details.