Math 455.1: Links


U. Mass./Amherst Mathematics & Statistics Department home page.


Web site of Wolfram Research, publisher of Mathematica. Lots of information about Mathematica.

See, especially, the Wolfram Mathematica Learning Center, with its getting-started video screencasts, how-tos, and tutorials.

Instructive on-line Flash animations showing how Mathematica functions such as Map, Apply, Map, Partition, Sort, Flatten, Cases, etc., work may be viewed at

Discrete math

Prime numbers:

The Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences Project module on public key encryption.

Interactive demo on how to multiply matrices (

“Everything” about math: Wolfram MathWorld (

“Everything else” about math: Wikipedia (

Find a good web site about discrete math?  Let me know and I’ll add a link to it here.


For fun (?):

For magic:


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