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U. Mass./Amherst Mathematics & Statistics Department home page.

Textbook-related links

Complex Analysis Undergraduate Modules — on-line versions of Mathematica notebook modules based upon the text. You can download these in the form of executable Mathematica notebooks.

Mathematica notebook modules for the text

Computer facilities links

UMASTR Lab home page (includes hours, policy on use, etc.).

Open hours for UMASTR Lab (and other OIT/Personal Computing Classroom Operations-managed) computer labs.  Detailed UMASTR schedule posted by OIT/PCCO showing times one or more rooms are reserved for classes (but other rooms at UMASTR may be available then).

Other Mathematica links

Web site of Wolfram Research, publisher of Mathematica. Lots of information about Mathematica.

Instructive on-line Flash animations showing how Mathematica functions such as Map, Apply, Map, Partition, Sort, Flatten, Cases, etc., work may be viewed at

MathReader is a free Wolfram Research product that allows you to read Mathematica notebooks (but not to change or evaluate anything in them).

Complex analysis links

Find a good web site about complex analysis?  Let me know and I’ll add a link to it here.

John Sullivan’s Stereographic projection Java applet

Terence Tao’s “complex analysis for applications” course page.  Has links to Tao’s lecture notes and his complex analysis applets

Browser links

Firefox web browser (from Mozilla)

Mathematical fonts for seeing MathML in Mozilla. (At the moment, optional.)

Adobe Reader browser plug-in.

Just for fun (requires that Javascript be enabled in your browser)

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