My e-mail address is murray<at>math.umass.edu (use the usual symbol there). I am happy to read and respond to your  e-mail. But if you are a UMass student, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use whatever is officially designated as your UMass e-mail  account.
  • Include your first name and last name in the From field of your message or, at the very least, in the Reply to field.
  • If you are writing about one of my courses, then include the course number in the Subject field.
  • Include in the Subject field a very brief indication of why you are writing, e.g., "help on assignment 5 #2", "want appointment", or "what was the assignment for Friday, September 1?" (Vague subjects such as "help" or  "homework" or just "Math 131" are not useful.)
  • Send no attachment unless I first ask for it.  (Otherwise,  my spam filters may kill your message.)
  • If you reply to a message from me and quote my message, pare down the quoted part so as to leave just enough to indicate  the original context.

(Thanks to Prof. Michael Leddy for suggesting these guidelines  on his blog, where he also discusses further e-mail etiquette.)

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