Honors Calculus I (Math 131H)


The second exam will be Wed, Nov 8, from 7–9pm. The exam will be in LGRT 0121. The exam will cover from section 3.3 through and including section 4.2 in the text. Please bring your ID to the exam. Calculators and phones are not allowed to be used during the exam.

You can look at old exams on the Main Math 131 course page to see the types of problems that typically appear on exams. However our exam will not have the same format. It will have the same format as the first exam.

There will be no office hours Wed Nov 8 because of the exam.

Contact Info

Please send all communications to my university email address: gunnells at umass dot edu. I will generally respond within two business days. Please do not try to contact me by

  1. leaving a message on my office phone,

  2. sending me a message or request through Webassign or any other platform,

  3. sending email to any other email address (for some reason the University has some incorrect email addresses in various places).

Email communication is primarily used for bureaucratic reasons (notifying me of an illness, a family emergency, etc.). It’s not possible to answer math questions by email; see the Help section in the syllabus to see how to get mathematical help.

Office Hours

Tuesdays, 12–1, in the CTC (LGRT 140). Wednesdays, 7–8 by Zoom.