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Certificate in Statistical and Computational Data Science, Newton (Boston Area)

-The Certificate can be completed in one year and requires 5 courses total, with a minimum of 2 courses in each of Statistics and Computer Science. The 5 courses can be a subset of the 10 courses needed for the M.S. Statistics Degree.

-For information on course requirements for the Data Science Certificate, please see this link.

-The following Statistics courses for the certificate can be taken remotely: STAT 535, STAT 607, STAT 608, STAT 625, STAT 633 (formerly STAT 697V) (note that STAT 633 (formerly STAT 697V) counts as a Computer Science course for the certificate).

-The following Computer Science courses for the certificate are offered online during the 2023-2024 academic year, and are expected to be offered online in future years: COMPSCI 514, COMPSCI 532, COMPSCI 589, COMPSCI 685, COMPSCI 689. STAT 633 (formerly STAT 697V) is offered remotely and counts as a Computer Science course for the certificate.

-Note that UMass Amherst now offers an Online M.S. in Computer Science; as a result, many Computer Science courses for the Data Science Certificate are now offered online. For more information on the Online M.S. in Computer Science, please see this link.

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