Math 331, Fall 2017: Section 07


Instructor: Luc Rey-Bellet
Office :   LGRT 1423 K
Phone :  545-6020
E-Mail :
Office hours : Tu 3:00--4:00, F 11--12:30, or by appointment

Teaching Assistants: Office hours will be held in TBA .

Instructor :  Ling-Chen Bu
E-Mail :
Office Hours : M 4pm--6pm, Th 5pm--6pm

Instructor:   Konstantinos Pantazis
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Office Hours : Tu 4pm--6pm, W 5:30pm--6:00 pm

Instructor:   Jie Wang
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Office Hours : W 4:00pm--5:30pm, Th 4:00pm--5:00pm

Instructor :  TBA
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Syllabus: This course is an introduction to ordinary differential equations. The topics covered in this class are

Prerequisites are Math 131-132.

Homework due dates

Text and online homework: We will use the textbook Elementary Differential Equations, 11th Edition (2017) by William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrima, Douglas B. Meade. An electronic copy of the textbook is integrated in the homework system Wiley-Plus that we will use for the class. When setting-up your account with Wiley plus there will be an option to purchase a hard copy of the book for a (small) extra-fee.

Grading and Exams There will be one midterm exam (worth 1/3 of your grade) common to all sections and a final exam (worth 1/3 of your grade) common to all sections. Homework are assigned weekly and done on-line on WileyPLUS

Weekly Schedule

The following is meant to give a general idea of which sections are covered in which weeks and may be adjusted as needed. All the sections will be covered.
As a general principle the material in a given week will be subject of the homework due the week after to leave you time to review the material.

Week Lecture Event
9/5 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 Introduction  
9/11 2.1 Linear ODEs
2.2 Separable ODEs


2.3 Modelling with ODEs
2.5 Autonomous equations
M 9/18 last day to drop without record
9/25 2.4, 2.6, and 2.7 Theory and Euler methods
2.8 Exact equations
10/2 3.1 2nd order equations with constant coefficients
3.2 Theory
10/9 3.3 Complex roots
3.4 Repeated roots
M 10/9 is a Holiday and Tu10/10 follows Monday schedule
10/16 3.5 Nonhomogeneous ODEs
3.7 Mechanical and Electrical oscillations
Th 10/19 Last day to drop with "W" and select "P/F"

3.8 Forced oscillations
6.1 Laplace transform


6.2 Initial value problems
6.3 Step functions


6.4 Discontinuous forcing
6.5 Impulse functions


7.1 Introduction to systems


Thanksgiving recess

7.2--7.3 Matrices
7.4 Theory


7.5 Real eigenvalues
7.6 Complex eigenvalues



Tu 12/12 is last day of classes

Final Exam

Final period 12/14 -- 12/20 (Snow day 12/21)
  Grades Final Grade is due by Tu 1/2