Nathaniel Whitaker; - Publications on Fluid Dynamics

Papers on Maximum Entropy Problems

  1. With B. Turkington
    "Statistical equilibrium solutions of coherent structures in turbulent shear layers"
    Physics of Fluids, 17 (1996)1414.

  2. With B. Turkington
    "Maximum entropy states for rotating vortex patches"
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 12 (1996) 525.

  3. "Some numerical methods for a maximum entropy problem"
    DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, 34(1997)47

Papers on Interfaces

  1. "Some numerical methods for the Hele-Shaw equations"
    Journal of Computational Physics, 111(1994)81

  2. "Numerical solution of the Hele-Shaw equations"
    Journal of Computational Physics, 90(1990)176

  3. "Numerical solution of the Hele-Shaw equations using a vortex method"
    Proceedings of the Second Caribbean Fluid Dynamics Congress, 1-91(1989)100.

Other Papers

  1. With D. StMary
    "Analysis of a hybrid marching technique for the solution of an elliptic model in underwater acoustics"
    Proceedings, seventh IMACS conference on Computer methods for Partial Differential Equations(1992)71