Nathaniel Whitaker

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Massachusetts
1424 Lederle Graduate Research Center
Amherst, Ma 01003-9305

Office Phone: (413) 545-1572
Fax: (413) 545-1801

Email: whitaker at math dot umass dot edu


  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
  • Numerical Analysis

    Professor Whitaker's recent research involves problems in math biology such as the growth of tumors. He develops models which simulate the recruitment and growth of vascular networks for the tumor, providing oxygen and nutrients and allowing it to grow. He also works on the models for the nephron the basic functional unit of the kidney. These models simulate the processing of sodium in the kidney. Professor Whitaker also works in fluid mechanics. He has worked on multiphase flow in a Hele-Shaw cell. He also looks at models for two-dimensional turbulence using methods in statistical mechanics.


    Preprints and papers CURRICULUM VITAE: CV (pdf) TEACHING:

    Math 132(Section 8), Fall 2015

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