Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S.B. in theoretical mathematics, 1996
Harvard University
A.M. in mathematics, 1997
Ph.D. in mathematics, 2000, under the supervision of Barry Mazur


University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics
T.H. Hildebrant assistant professor, 2000-2002
University of California, Berkeley, Department of Mathematics
Visiting assistant professor, 2003
Amherst College, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Visiting assistant professor, 2003-2004
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Assistant professor, 2004-2009
Associate professor, 2009-present


Selmer groups of geometric Galois representations, 2000-2003
NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship DMS-0071572 under the supervision of Chris Skinner (2000-2001) and Ken Ribet (2002-2003)
p-adic variation of supersingular Iwasawa invariants, 2004-2007
NSF Algebra, number theory and combinatorics infrastructure program, DMS-0440708, collaborative with Robert Pollack, DMS-0439264
Five College Number Theory Seminar (Program in analysis in number theory), 2005-2007
NSA Mathematical Sciences Program CWSS, H98230-05-1-0291, joint with Robert Benedetto, Gregory Call, Giuliana Davidoff, Paul Gunnells, Farshid Hajir, Leanne Robertson, Margaret Robinson and Siman Wong.
p-adic properties of p-adic Galois representations, 2007-2010
NSF Algebra, number theory and combinatorics infrastructure program, DMS-0700359.


Jon A. Bucsela Mathematics Prize, 1996
Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1996-1999
Department of Mathematics, Harvard University
M.S. Keeler Research Fellowship, 2000-2002
Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan