Algebraic Geometry / Commutative Algebra Seminar
Spring 2008
Green's Conjecture

The working AG/CA seminar will be devoted to syzygies of curves. We will try to make everything accessible to graduate students who take the class in algebraic geometry. So essentially this will be one long exercise on applying basic tools of Algebraic Geometry. This will dictate the choice of material but the hope (probably too optimistic) is to understand at least the most basic ideas and insights behind the recent proof of Green's Conjecture by Claire Voisin. As usual, everybody is wellcome to contribute talks.

Feb 8. Jessica Sidman. Resolutions and Syzygies - 1.
Feb 15. Jessica Sidman. Resolutions and Syzygies - 2.
Feb 22. Jessica Sidman. Resolutions and Syzygies - 3.
Feb 29. Jessica Sidman. Resolutions and Syzygies - 3 (rescheduled).
Mar 7. Jenia Tevelev. Algebraic Curves - 1.
Mar 14. Jenia Tevelev. Algebraic Curves - 2.
Mar 21. No seminar - spring break
Mar 28. Eyal Markman. K3 Surfaces -1 .
Apr 4. Eyal Markman. K3 Surfaces - 2.
Apr 11. Eyal Markman. K3 Surfaces - 3. Sukhendu Mehrotra. Petri-Gieseker following Lazarsfeld - 1.
Apr 18. Sukhendu Mehrotra. Petri-Gieseker following Lazarsfeld - 2.
Apr 25. Jenia Tevelev. Generic Green's Conjecture (following Claire Voisin) - 1.
May 2. Jason Brunson. Bertini Theorem. Adam Gamzon. Petri's Theorem.
May 9. Jenia Tevelev. Generic Green's Conjecture (following Claire Voisin) - 2.

Some references and links:

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