Algebraic Geometry / Commutative Algebra Seminar
Fall 2008. Deformation Theory

We discuss topics in Deformation Theory of interest to the crew. Some effort is made to make talks accessible to graduate students. Everybody is welcome to contribute talks.

Sep 19. Peter Dalakov. Kodaira-Spencer and Kuranishi. Abstract. Lecture notes.
Sep 26. Eduardo Cattani. Introduction to Variations of Hodge Structure. Abstract. Lecture notes.
Oct 3. Eduardo Cattani. Introduction to Variations of Hodge Structure - II. Lecture notes.
Oct 10. Paul Hacking. Compactifications of moduli spaces of polarised K3 surfaces. Abstract
Oct 17. Giancarlo Urzua. Deformation of Surfaces.
Oct 24. Ivan Mirkovic. Derived Algebraic Geometry. Abstract
Nov 7. Jenia Tevelev. Schlessinger Conditions. Abstract
Nov 14, 21. Eyal Markman. Logarithmic deformations of normal crossing varieties, and smoothing of degenerate Calabi-Yau varieties (after Kawamata-Namikawa). Abstract
Dec 5. Sukhendu Mehrotra. Artin's Algebraization Theorem. Abstract. Lecture notes.

Some references and links:

Edoardo Sernesi, Deformations of Algebraic Schemes, Springer 2006
Deformation Theory Notes and Movies
Sukhendu: "many of Artin's papers are available online via GDZ and numdam"

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