The Five Colleges STATCOM

Statistics in the Community (STATCOM),
The Five Colleges Chapter

"Students Helping Students to Help Communities"

Who We Are:

Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) is a volunteer community outreach organization started at Purdue University's Department of Statistics in 2001. Directed and staffed by students, it provides professional statistical consulting services to governmental and nonprofit groups free of charge. The Five College Chapter includes graduates and undergraduates from the Five College system.


The mission of the Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) Network is:


The vision of the Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) Network is:
Any local nonprofit or governmental group is encouraged to contact STATCOM at Purdue about its particular needs or projects. Possible clients include learning centers, libraries, schools, shelters, or local government departments.

Advice and assistance are available on a wide variety of statistical issues including:
We assure client confidentiality.

If you want more information about STATCOM, follow this link to the official website: STATCOM Network

Contact Information:

To contact The Five College STATCOM about a potential project, email