Schedule for Fall 1999




Sept 14


Organization meeting

Sept 21

Jonanth Lubin (Brown)

p-adic time in Nonarchimedean Dynamical Systems.

Sept 30 (Thur)

Diane Meuser (Boston Univ)

Local zeta functions and singularities

Mount Holyoke College, Room 302 Reece Hall (Psy/Ed building). 5pm.

Oct 5

Thomas Shemanske (Dartmouth)

Hecke operators and buildings

Oct 12



Oct 19

Lily Khadjavi (MSRI & Loyola Marymount U.)

Covering maps and a theorem of Belyi's

Oct 26

Siman Wong (UMass)

Finding points on Abelian varieties

Nov 2

Leanne Robertson (Smith College)

Power Bases and Class Numbers for Cyclotomic Fields

Nov 9

Sharon Frechette (Wellesley College)

Modular Forms: Hecke Structure, and Zeros of L-Functions

Nov 16

Mattew Baker (Harvard)

Torsion Points on Modular Curves

Nov 23



Nov 30

Jeffrey Achter (UMass)

Torsion points of elliptic curves, etc.

Dec 1 (Wed)

Colin Adams (Williams College)

Undergraduate Connecticut Valley Colloquium. Title:TBA

Dec 7

David Cox (Amherst College)

Class invariants and the Shimura reciprocity law

Dec 14

Sharon Frechette (Wellesley College)

Modular Forms: Hecke Structure, and Zeros of L-Functions

Schedule for Spring 2000




Feb 1


Organization meeting

Feb 8



Feb 15

David Hayes (UMass)

Connections between Cyclotomic units and Leopoldt's Conjecture

Feb 22

Susan Goldstine (McMaster)

Local and Global Dynamics

Feb 29

Solomon Friedberg (Boston College)

Sums of twisted L-functions involving two complex variables

March 7

Rene Schoof (Harvard)

Class numbers of real cyclotomic fields

March 14

Spring Break

Spring Break

March 21

Margaret Robinson (Mount Holyoke College)

The Igusa local zeta functions according to the Kodaira-Neron classificaction of special fibers

March 28

Tonghai Yang (SUNY Stony Brook & Harvard)

Nonvanishing of the central derivative of canonical Hecke character

April 4



April 11

Ram Murty (Queens Univ)

The ABC conjecture and prime divisors of the Lucas sequence

April 13(Thur)

Ram Murty (Queens Univ)

A Century of Zeta Functions

Connecticut Valley Colloquium

April 18

Tomas Klenke (Harvard)

Visualizing elements of the Weil-Chatelet groups

April 25

Michael Rosen (Brown)

Some Remarks on Formal Drinfeld Modules

April 26(Wed)

Michael Rosen (Brown)

Average Value Theorems in Number Theory (UCVC)

May 2

Rachel Pries (U Penn)

Deformation of Wildly Ramified Covers of Curves

May 9



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