Five College Number Theory Seminar

Five College Number Theory Seminar

Where and When
   Five College Number Theory Seminar talks are generally held at Amherst College in the Seeley Mudd building , which houses Amherst College's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Unless noted otherwise, all talks take place at 4:00 p.m. in room Seeley-Mudd 207. Refreshments are served at 3:30 p.m. in Seeley-Mudd 208.
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Parking Directions
   To find the parking lot in back of Seeley Mudd, drive east on College Street (Route 9) past the Amherst town common on your left. Two blocks after the common, turn right onto the College campus (just before you go under a railroad overpass). Take your second right and follow it until the road ends at the Seeley Mudd parking lot. From the parking lot, take the stairs in the Life Sciences building, just to the right of Seeley Mudd, up one flight, exit and turn left toward Seeley Mudd.
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Meet our seminar members
   Amherst College
      Rob Benedetto    Gregory Call    David Cox   
   Mount Holyoke College
      Giuliana P. Davidoff    Margaret Robinson
   Smith College
   UMass Amherst
      Michael Bush    Paul Gunnells    Farshid Hajir    David Hayes    Thomas Weston    Siman Wong    Dan Yasaki
   Western New England College
      Jennifer Beineke   

Schedule for Spring 2007




Jan 30

Organization Meeting

Organization Meeting

Feb 6

Farshid Hajir (UMass)

On the central critical values of certain L-functions

Feb 13

Ben Brubaker (MIT)

Functional Equations for Dirichlet Series in Several Complex Variables (NT seminar)

Feb 13

Ben Brubaker (MIT)

On Beyond Zeta: More Infinite Series in Number Theory (Amherst College UCVC)

Feb 20

Florian Luca (UNAM)

Diophantine quadruples

Feb 27

no talk

no talk

March 6

Paul Gunnells (UMass)

Weyl Group Multiple Dirichlet Series

March 13

Allison Pacelli (Williams College)

The 3-Rank of the Class Group in Number Fields and Function Fields

March 20

Spring Break

Spring Break

March 27

Matthias Schuett (Harvard)

Singular K3 surfaces

April 3

Gautam Chinta (CUNY)

Representation numbers of quadratic forms and points on flag varieties

April 10

Michael Rosen (Brown University)

Formal Modules and Explicit Reciprocity in Characteristic p

April 17

No talk

No talk (Monday schedule)

April 24

Rafe Jones (University of Wisconsin)

Arboreal Galois representations and abelian algebraic groups

May 1

Jonathan Pottharst (Harvard)

Conjectures on Rational Points and Cohomology

May 8

Amanda Folsom (Max Plank Institute & University of Wisconsin)

Modular Units

May 14 (Monday)

Richard Crew (University of Florida)

Galois representations of equicharacteristic local fields and p-adic differential equations (Special Seminar)

Schedule for Fall 2006




Sept 12

Organization Meeting

Organization Meeting

Sept 19

Eliot Brenner (Ben Gurion Univ, Israel)

Heat Eisenstein Series and Applications   (abstract)

Sept 26

Tom Weston (UMass)

Local torsion on elliptic curves and Galois deformations   (abstract)

Oct 3

Siman Wong (UMass)

Rank of elliptic curves

Oct 10

No Talk

No Talk

Oct 17

Mairead Greene (UMass)

On the index of cyclotomic units

Oct 24

Stephanie Treneer (Dartmouth)

Congruences for the Coefficients of Weakly Holomorphic Modular Forms

Oct 31

Rob Pollack (Boston University)

Efficient computations of p-adic L-functions via overconvergent modular symbols

Nov 7

Farshid Hajir (UMass)

One-parameter families of polynomials with few exceptional specializations

Nov 14

Fan Chung Graham (UCSD)

Generalized Weil sums and the amazing sum graphs

Nov 21

Andrew Knightly (Univ of Maine)

Explicit methods for the GL(2) trace formula

Nov 28



Dec 5

Tom Tucker (Univ of Rochester)

Siegel's Theorem for Drinfeld modules

Dec 12

Michael Bush (UMass)

Arithmetic Galois Groups

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