Five College Number Theory Seminar

Five College Number Theory Seminar

Where and When
   Five College Number Theory Seminar talks are generally held at Amherst College in the Seeley Mudd building , which houses Amherst College's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Unless noted otherwise, all talks take place at 4:00 p.m. in room Seeley-Mudd 207. Refreshments are served at 3:30 p.m. in Seeley-Mudd 208.
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Parking Directions
   To find the parking lot in back of Seeley Mudd, drive east on College Street (Route 9) past the Amherst town common on your left. Two blocks after the common, turn right onto the College campus (just before you go under a railroad overpass). Take your second right and follow it until the road ends at the Seeley Mudd parking lot. From the parking lot, take the stairs in the Life Sciences building, just to the right of Seeley Mudd, up one flight, exit and turn left toward Seeley Mudd.
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Meet our seminar members
   Amherst College
      Rob Benedetto    Gregory Call    David Cox    Susan Goldstine    Thomas Weston
   Mount Holyoke College
      Giuliana P. Davidoff    Margaret Robinson
   Smith College
      Leanne Robertson    Yoonjin Lee
   UMass Amherst
      Paul Gunnells    Farshid Hajir    David Hayes    Siman Wong    Huan Yang
   Western New England College
      Jennifer Beineke   
   Westfield State College
      Anne Schwartz   



Schedule for Spring 2004





Feb 3

Organization Meeting

Organization Meeting

Feb 10

David Pollack (Wesleyan)

p-adic rigidity in the cohomology of GL_n(Z)

Feb 17

Paul Gunnells (UMass Amherst)

Lattice polytopes, Hecke operators, and the Ehrhart polynomial

Feb 24

Andrew Granville (Univ. Montréal)

Some distribution problems in arithmetic

Feb 25 (Wed)

Andrew Granville (Univ. Montréal)

Uncertainty principles in arithmetic (Amherst College CVC)

March 2

David Cox (Amherst College)

Geometry and Number Theory on Clovers

March 9

Tom Weston (Amherst College)

Power residues of Fourier coefficients of modular forms

March 16

Spring break

Spring break

March 23

Samit Dasgupta (Berkeley)

Elliptic units for real quadratic fields

March 30

Steve Kudla (Univ of Maryland)

Cycles of Shimura curves and modular forms

April 6

Keith Conrad (UConn)

Variation of Root Numbers

April 12 (Monday)

Jacob Sturm (Rutgers)

Picard's Big Theorem (Mount Holyoke UCVC)

April 13

Jacob Sturm (Rutgers)

Algebraic estimates and local zeta functions

April 20

Steven J. Miller (Ohio State)

Random Matrix Theory and Families of Elliptic Curves: Evidence for the Underlying Group Symmetries

April 27

Harold Stark (UCSD & Univ. Vermont)

Class-Numbers of CM fields and Siegel Zeros

May 3 (Mon)

Glenn Stevens (Boston University)

Number Theoretic Analysis (UMass UCVC)

May 4

Glenn Stevens (Boston University)

p-adic L-Functions and the Evil Twin

May 11

Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas (UT Austin)

Hypergeometric funtions and the Bezoutian

Schedule for Fall 2003





Sept 9

Organization Meeting

Organization Meeting

Sept 16

Tom Weston (Amherst College)

Variation of Iwasawa invariants in Hida families

Sept 23

Siman Wong (UMass Amherst)

Density of number fields

Sept 30

Farshid Hajir (UMass Amherst)

Newton polygons and irreducibility for one-variable polynomials

Oct 7

Joe Buhler (Reed College)

Polynomials over Local Fields

Oct 14

No Talk

No Talk

Oct 16 (Thursday)

Joe Buhler (Reed College)

Dickenson Lecture at Smith College

Oct 21

Sharon Frechette (Holy Cross)

Gaussian Hypergeometric Functions, and Traces of Hecke Operators

Oct 28

Allison Pacelli (Williams College)

Subgroups of Any Order in Class Groups of Global Function Fields

Nov 4



Nov 11

Robert Pollack (University of Chicago)

Congruences and the supersingular main conjecture

Nov 13 (Thursday)

Carl Pomerance (Dartmouth College)

TBA (McCoy Faculty Lecture at Smith)

Nov 18

Alvaro Lozano-Robledo (Boston University)

Elliptic units and Galois representations

Nov 25

No talk


Dec 2

Ravi Ramakrishna

Lifting Galois representations and various pathologies

Dec 9

Josh Lansky (Bucknell University)

Depth zero base change for U(2,1)

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