Accessing Your Department Mail

***As of 6/29/2022, department mail has moved over to UMIT mail. All mail addressed to your old email will be delivered to your inbox.

Accessing your mail in a Web Browser

For information on how to access your UMIT ( email address through the web, please see the UMass IT guides.

Determining if your UMIT Email account is Google or Microsoft Exchange

If you are unsure if your account is a Google or Microsoft Exchange email, you can look it up in spire:
  1. Login to SPIRE
  2. Navigate to Main Menu --> IT Accounts --> My IT Accounts
  3. On this page, you should see a table of your UMass IT accounts. Most users will just have 1 row, containing a NetID account. The column "Email Type" will list whether the account is Google or Exchange.

Configuring your e-mail client

You can configure a mail client such as Mail (on Mac/iPhone) or Thunderbird (available for download here), to access your UMass mail. For specific instructions on how to add your account to some popular e-mail clients, see the following documentation:

Configuring Mail Clients with UMass E-Mail

Accessing old mail from the your email

All the messages in your account from before the switch to UMIT mail will be transferred automatically into your UMIT mail. However this may take a week or more to complete. If you want to access old emails before this transfer is complete, you can still access the old mail server through an e-mail client. Note as of 6/28/22 you will NOT be able to receive any new mail or send out any mail from using this configuration.

Instructions for accessing old emails in some popular email clients can be found here. You can skip configuring the Outgoing mail settings, as you can no longer use the Math Mail Server to send mail.

Sending e-mail from your alias

If your UMIT email account is a Google account, you can set up an alias to send mail originating from your email address:
  1. Log in to your UMass Gmail via a Web Browser
  2. Click the Gear icon (Settings) in the top right of the page, then click "See all Settings"
  3. From the settings, click the tab called "Accounts and Imports". Scroll down to "Send Mail as:" and click "Add another email address"
  4. In the resulting pop-up window, enter in your Email Address, and make sure the box "Treat as an alias" is CHECKED. Then hit Next Step
Now when composing a message in the google browser, you can click on your email in the "From" field to choose if you want the email to originate from your @math or your @umass email address.

Setting up an "out-of-office" / vacation message auto-reply

  • If your UMIT email account is a Google account, follow the instructions here.
  • If your UMIT email account is a Microsoft Exchange account, follow the instructions here.