Editing Your Directory Page

The new department website was built using Drupal and is hosted on the CNS web server. You can login using your OIT NetID from any RCF page, including this one .

Login and navigate to your directory page the same way you would when not logged in (choose Faculty or Graduate Students from the Directory menu and then click your name). Once there, you will now see two tabs at the top of the page under your name: View and Edit . You will also see links to Add/Edit URL for class webpage under each of your courses. This list appears below your photo and contact information in the Current Courses block. Upcoming Courses will be listed below current from advising week through the end of the semester. Only you can see the upcoming courses that you are teaching ( i.e. , you must be logged in to see them) and use the links to add/update their descriptions.

Note: There is a Save button at the bottom of every edit form. If you don't click save after making changes, your edits will not be saved.

Adding Descriptions for Upcoming Courses

To add or edit the description for a given course, click the Add/Edit link below the course listing under Upcoming Courses on your directory page. On the edit form, enter the correct information in each of the following fields: Prerequisites, Text, Recommended Text, Note, and Description. Then click the Save button at the bottom left of the page.

Adding URLs for Class Webpages

To add or edit the URL for a given class webpage, click the Add/Edit link below the course listing under Current Courses on your directory page. On the edit form, enter or copy and paste the fully qualified URL to your class webpage ( e.g. , http://people.math.umass.edu/~lian/math131_course web.htm or http://blogs.umass.edu/math127-cbeninca/ ). Then click the Save button at the bottom left of the page. Test the link to make sure it works by clicking the subject number.section ( e.g. , MATH 411.1).

The link is published right when you save. It appears immediately on your directory page. However, the link will not appear immediately on the main course webpages listing. This page is cached for performance reasons and is updated on an hourly basis. So the link will appear there within the hour.

Adding Office Hours

To add or edit your office hours, click the Edit tab on your directory page. There is a corresponding field for every part of your directory page. Scroll down to the field labeled Office Hours and enter your office hours information for the current semester ( e.g. , MWF 12:15-1:15pm in LGRT 146; or Tu 12-2pm, We 1-3pm or by appointment). Once saved (remember to scroll to the bottom of the edit form and click the Save button ), your office hours will appear below your photo and contact information and above the current courses block.

Note: To cancel an edit, scroll back to the top of the edit form and either click the View tab or the x control to the right of the tabs to close the edit overlay without saving changes. You can also click the back button in your browser to exit the edit overlay and return to the normal view.


The Education , Description ( i.e. , Research Interests section on your directory page), and Selected Publications fields all use a WYSIWYG editor by default. You can still edit the HTML directly by clicking the Source button in the toolbar. If, for some reason, you don't see the WYSIWYG editor, change the Text format pop (below the field) from Filtered HTML to Full HTML . If you use the Filtered HTML text format, some of your HTML might be filtered out , so it's best to use Full HTML for these fields and toggle between WYSIWYG and Source view using the toolbar.

Note: Please do NOT paste images into the WYSIWYG fields. You can paste text, but not images.