Editing Your Department Website

In addition to your directory page, every member of the department has a department website, located at http://people.math.umass.edu/~username (where username is your department username). You can build this website by adding html files to your /home/username/public_html folder, located on the math department file server. You can access this directory by logging on to any of the lab computers or via ssh

The math department provides an html template that is available for your use. You can preview the template here . If you would like to use the template:

  • Click here to automatically download the file html-template.zip .
  • Unzip the file and place the contents of the folder html-template in your public_html directory, located on the math department server. To access this folder, you will need to log in via ssh or a lab computer (see here for more information)
  • Edit the html files to pertain to your personal information, courses, etc. The template files contain comments that describe how the html syntax works, and how to tweak the code to your needs
  • To make your page visible to others on the web, you will have to make sure read permissions are set on the files in your public_html directory. To do this, enter the following command into terminal, either from a lab computer or on ssh:

    chmod -R 755 ~/public_html

  • Note that once you change these permissions, all changes you make to to your website are live! In other words, any edits you make will be visible online immediately, so edit with care!