Math 697 - Spring 2019

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
TTh 8:30-9:45 in LGRT 145

The first class will be on Tuesday January 29. The two classes from the previous week will be made up at the end of term. There is a reading assignment on Moodle for the first week.

Dr. Annie Raymond,

Office hours:

Topics to be covered:
computational complexity, matchings in bipartite graphs and in general graphs, assignment problem, polyhedral combinatorics, total unimodularity, matroids, matroid intertersection, min arborescence, max flow/min cut, max cut, traveling salesman.

There are no required textbooks. We will rely mostly on lecture notes from Michel Goemans (MIT), Thomas Rothvoss (UW) and Lex Schrijver (CWI); they will be on moodle as they become relevant. For additional information, I recommend the following textbooks:

There will be problem sets roughly every other week that will be posted on moodle. Problem sets will be due in class at the beginning of lecture. There will also be a project at the end of the semester. The grade will be based 60% problem sets, 25% project and 15% class participation (which includes attending most lectures and scribing three or four lectures).