Math 456 - Fall 2019

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
MWF 12:20-1:10pm in LGRT 219
Midterm: 10/11 in class
Project presentations: last two weeks of class
Project report: 12/16 by email

Annie Raymond
LGRT 1116

Daniel Gallagher

Office hours:
Annie: Monday 1:15-2:15 and Friday 11-noon in LGRT 1116
Dan: Tuesday 2:30-3:30 in LGRT 1323H
If you can't make it then, email one of us to schedule an appointment.

Course description:
This course is an introduction to mathematical modeling. The main goal of the class is to learn how to translate real-world problems into quantitative terms for interpretation, suggestions of improvement and future predictions. Since this is too broad of a topic for one semester, this class will focus on linear and integer programming to study real world problems that affect real people. The course will culminate in a final modeling project that will involve optimizing the logistics of the Valley Bikeshare service. For more information, see the course syllabus.

There are no required textbooks. For additional information, I recommend the following textbooks: Introduction to Linear Optimization by Bertsimas and Tsitsiklis as well as Linear Programming by Chvatal.

Homework, worksheets and course notes:
Please go to Moodle for all of this.

Other resources:
Disability Services at UMass
Center for Counseling and Psychological Health
Learning Resource Center