Math 421 Sec 1 - Complex Variables - Fall 2002

TuTh 1:00 $\rightarrow$ 2:15 LGRT 321

Professor: Eyal Markman

Office: LGRT 1544

Office Phone: 545-2788


Office hours: Wednesday 3 $\rightarrow$ 4 pm, Thursday 2:30$\rightarrow$ 4:00 pm, and by appointment.

Course Web page:$\sim$markman/ Will be available on the second week of classes. Please check it often!

Text: Complex Variables and Applications, 6-th Edition, by James Ward Brown and Ruel V. Churchill, McGraw-Hill.

Prerequisites: Math 233.

Homework: Will be assigned weekly and will be due each Thursday, unless mentioned otherwise. The homework will be graded by a special grader. Due to lack of funds, it will not be possible to grade all the homework problems assigned. A few of the homework problems will be corrected and graded every week. Nevertheless, for your own benefit, you will be asked to hand in all the homework problems assigned. Your grade on each homework assignment will be calculated as follows:

The grade on the corrected problems.
Credit for handing in most of the homework problems assigned. Partial credit will be given.

Late homework will not be collected. Instead, your three lowest grades will be dropped.


Homework and Class participation-20%

Two Midterms-50% (each 25%)

Final Exam -30%

Calculators Policy: Calculators will not be allowed in the exams. Calculators and computers may be used to check answers on the homework assignments. Nevertheless, an unsubstantiated answer will not receive credit.

Eyal Markman 2002-09-12