Calculus I
Math 131 Syllabus

Text:  Stewart, Calculus, Early trancendentals, Fourth Edition, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1999
Calculator:  Each student will be expected to have and use a TI-85 or TI-86 graphics, programmable calculator. Students who insist on using a different calculator do so at their own risk.
Calculator Booklets: Recommended as additional resources for students who are not already familiar with the TI-85 or TI-86. Available at the Textbook Annex.


You will need to use a calculator on Exam1, Exam2, and the Final Exam. No calculators will be allowed on the Derivative test.


Wednesday, October 9: Exam 1

Thursday, October 31: Derivative Test

Monday, November 25: Exam 2

Final Exam: To be scheduled. The last day of finals is Saturday, December 21, 2002!