Math 697B - Fall 2004 Problem session 7

Please sign-up to present the solution to a problem by sending me an e-mail message at
Signing up means both that you wrote down the solution to the part of the problem you plan to present, and you will be prepared to present and explain the solution to the class. Please attempt to be clear, efficient, and concise, so that your classmate can get as much as possible out of your presentation.

If a problem has several parts, a group of students can sign-up, with the understanding that they coordinate their presentation, so that the presentation of a later part can rely on that of an earlier part.

I will add the names of each student/group next to the corresponding problem as soon as their e-mail message is received, and on a ``first come first signed-up'' basis.

At the beginning of the problem session we will vote and make a list of problems students wish to see presented (by someone other than themselves/their group). We will then proceed with the list.