Information about SOA EXAM SRM (Statistics for Risk Modeling)

(1) What are Actuaries?

Actuaries are business professionals who measure and manage the financial implications of future events-pro and con, certain and uncertain, probable and improbable. For more details,

please see Umass Actuaries page at and

(2) Career Paths. Traditionally, if you get license, you may find insurance companies, consulting firms, employee benefits department, goverment agencies,  financial advisors or work as financial service in bank or stock firms etc.

(3) How can I get start? Step 1: you may take the course of Financial math to get prepared for the Exam FM; Step 2: then you may find an intership in some company, then you are on the track now.

(4) Do you know the online test schedule?

Exam Name                      CBT Dates                                       Paper/Pencil Dates             Registration Deadline   
Exam SRM                   Jan, 7-13, 2021                                         Jan. 7, 2021                        Dec. 8, 2020          
                May 26-June 1, 2021 May 26, 2021                       Apr. 27, 2021
                     Sept. 2-8, 2021 Sept. 2, 2021                         Aug. 3, 2021

(6) How can I register the test? you may register the test online here

(7) Where should I take the Test?

2525: Springfield - West Springfield
59 Interstate Drive
Suite 25
West Springfield, MA 01089

Phone 413-733-2374

(8) What kind of calculators can I use in this course?

(9) How many questions in Exam FM? How are they distributed?

(10) Exam FM pass rate:

(11) Where can I check the result of the test?

(12) Where can I find the sample exam?

(13) Where cam I find some useful instruction for using TI BA II Plus calculator? see a brief instruction at  or a detailed instruction at