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Mathematics is not a spectator sport!

Final Exam     December 17th, 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Formula Sheet: click here

You need to bring with you: your calculator (no cellphone calculators),
2 #2 pencils, and your UMASS STUDENT ID.

TA Review Sessions (solutions will be posted following each)

Exam 1 Reviews: Fall 2015 , Fall 2017

EXAM 1 Keys

PINK         (910244):  ACCBB   CDBCA  DABorC CB   DBCDB   ACBBC

Exam 2 Reviews: Fall 2015 , Fall 2017

EXAM 2 Keys

PINK         (910242):  DADCA   ABCBC  DAABAorC   AABBD   DACCB


Extra help and resources

Course chair

Hans Johnston, LGRT 1526, 545-2817,, and sending an email to this address is the best way, except for in person, to contact/talk_with me.


Math 128 is a continuation of MATH 127 (Calculus for Life and Social Sciences I). This course covers elementary techniques of integration, introduction to differential equations, applications to several mathematical models in the life and social sciences, and multivariate functions and partial derivatives.


Applied Calculus, 4th edition (Hughes-Hallet), available as an ebook with your WileyPLUS account. If interested, you should be able to find a used copy of the physical book online.



A calculator with integration capabilities is required for this course: Something like the TI 83/84, etc. will be fine. Calculators are necessary for all exams.


Homework assignments will be assigned and completed through WileyPLUS. WileyPLUS is an online homework and course study system. It also contains an e-book of your textbook. Since the homework system comes with an e-book the hard copy of the textbook is optional.


There will be two evening exams (7:00 - 8:30 PM) and a final exam following a multiple-choice format. At each exam, students will need to bring a #2 pencil, a calculator and a UMass student ID card. Failing to produce an ID may result in the exam not being scored.

Exam 1  :   Tues October 15th
Exam 2  :   Mon November 18th
Final       :   Tues 12/17 3:30-5:30 PM

Makeup exams will only be given for reasons described in the UMass Amherst Class Absence Policy here.

Note: There are no re-takes of exams. If an emergency situation arises, and you are unable to take an exam, contact your instructor within 48 hours of the exam to schedule a make-up exam.


The grading of the course will be as follows. There will be a final exam worth 30%, two exams during the semester worth 25% each, and 20% for the online WileyPLUS homework. Your lowest three homework grades will be dropped, excluding the two mandatory review homeworks . There is no extra credit in the course.

Scales for letter grades