University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Math 797AP

Asymptotic Problems
Spring 2014

This page describes the rules for homework assignments, and offers some advice also. Please Read the following carefully; it is very important to comply with the Rules discussed below.

Homework Rules and Guidelines: Why are you are attending a University instead of studying on your own? So that you can be part of an interacting academic community. So, when you get stuck, seek help from your instructor, other students, classmates ...! I especially recommend that you work with your fellow students in groups. If you are stuck on a problem and seek help from an instructor or a fellow student, you owe it to yourself to aim for an understanding of the concepts and ideas that come up in the discussion (do not just memorize the series of steps leading to the solution). Then, go home and reconstruct the argument for yourself in the privacy of your own brain, to make sure you are not merely reproducing mindlessly something you have not thought through. Remember that during tests and quizzes, you will have to rely on your own understanding of the material.

Here are the rules for collaborating on homework problems:

I. You must list the names of all people with whom you discussed each specific problem.

II. You MUST write your solutions completely independently.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action. Homework will be due on Mondays at the start of lecture, unless othewise stated. Late homework will not be accepted. Please note that the lowest homework grade will be dropped.