Reading seminar in algebraic geometry
Spring 2014. Syzygies.

This semester the reading seminar will study syzygies. Roughly speaking, given an algebraic variety, its defining equations typically satisfy non-trivial relations, called syzygies. The interplay between the commutative algebra of syzygies and the geometric properties of the variety is a basic topic in algebraic geometry.

The seminar will consist of introductory talks by faculty followed by talks by graduate students. We will attempt to make the seminar accessible to everyone.

The seminar will meet on Mondays at 3:00PM-4:00PM in LGRT 1322.


Jan 24. Organizational meeting, 3:30PM, LGRT 1234.

Feb 3. Jessica Sidman, Mt. Holyoke College. Varieties and Syzygies. Abstract. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.

Feb 10. Paul Hacking, UMass. Syzygies of curves of genus 0 and 1. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.

Feb 18. Stephen Coughlan, UMass. Hilbert series and free resolutions. Abstract. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322. (Note we are meeting on Tuesday, which is a UMass Monday, due to Presidents' day.)

Feb 24. Jennifer Biermann, Mt. Holyoke College. Free resolutions of monomial ideals. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.

Mar 3. No meeting.

Mar 10. David Cox, Amherst College. The Hilbert-Burch Theorem, Geometric Modeling, and a Multigraded Example. Abstract. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.

Mar 17. No meeting (Spring break).

Mar 24. Huy Le, UMass. Resolution of the diagonal for projective space and classification of vector bundles on the projective plane. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.

Mar 31. Morgan Opie, UMass. Koszul quadratic algebras - I. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.

Apr 7. Tassos Vogiannou, UMass. Koszul quadratic algebras - II. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.

Apr 14. Zhijie Dong, UMass. The Buchsbaum-Eisenbud structure theorem for Gorenstein ideals of codimension 3. 3:00PM, LGRT 1322.


Expository texts:

D. Eisenbud, "Commutative algebra with a view toward algebraic geometry", Grad. Texts in Math. 150, Springer, 1995.

D. Eisenbud, "The geometry of syzygies". SpringerLink (freely accessible via UMass).

D. Mumford, "Varieties defined by quadrics". pdf.

Research articles:

D. Buchsbaum and D. Eisenbud, "Gorenstein ideals of height 3". pdf.

L. Ein and R. Lazarsfeld, "Asymptotic syzygies of algebraic varieties". SpringerLink (freely accessible via UMass).

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