Reading seminar in algebraic geometry
Spring 2013. Derived categories in algebraic geometry.

This semester the reading seminar will study derived categories of coherent sheaves on algebraic varieties.

The seminar will consist of introductory talks by faculty followed by talks by graduate students. We will attempt to make the seminar accessible to everyone.

The seminar will meet on Fridays at 2:40PM-3:45PM in LGRT 1634.


Jan 25. Organizational meeting, 3:15PM, LGRT 1634.
Feb 1. Paul Hacking, UMass. Derived categories in algebraic geometry. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.
Feb 13. Ivan Mirkovic, UMass. Representations of quivers in algebraic geometry. 4:00PM, LGRT 1322. (Note unusual date and time. This seminar has been rescheduled due to weather.)
Feb 15. Alexei Oblomkov, UMass. Fourier--Mukai transforms for abelian varieties. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.
Feb 22. Stephen Coughlan, UMass. Exceptional collections on Enriques surfaces. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.
Mar 1. Eyal Markman, UMass. Equivalences of derived categories of K3 surfaces. Abstract. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.
Mar 8. Jenia Tevelev, UMass. Phantom Categories. Abstract. 2:40PM, LGRT 1528. Note special room.
Mar 15. Anna Kazanova, UMass. Exceptional collections on del Pezzo surfaces. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.
Mar 22. Spring Break.
Mar 29. Tassos Vogiannou, UMass. Variations of Hodge structure. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.
Apr 5. No seminar.
Apr 12. Nikolay Buskin, UMass. Torelli theorem via Fourier-Mukai transform. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.
Apr 19. No seminar due to AGNES.
Apr 26. Huy Le, UMass. Some standard equivalences of derived categories of coherent sheaves. Abstract. 2:40PM, LGRT 1634.


Introductory references:

Jenia's class on homological methods here.

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R. Thomas, Derived categories for the working mathematician. arXiv.

D. Huybrechts, Fourier--Mukai transforms in algebraic geometry. ebrary. (freely available via UMass).

Research papers:

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