Reading seminar in algebraic geometry.
Fall 2017. Surface singularities

This semester the reading seminar will study surface singularities in algebraic geometry, including resolutions and deformations.

The seminar will consist of introductory talks by faculty followed by talks by graduate students. We will attempt to make the seminar accessible to everyone.

The seminar will meet on Monday afternoons, 3:00--4:00PM in LGRT 1114.

Tentative Schedule

9/8. Organizational meeting, 4:30PM, LGRT 1634.

9/18. Paul Hacking. Surface singularities: Resolutions [R], [M61], [R97]

9/25. Jenia Tevelev. Surface singularities: Deformations [A76], [I12]

10/2. Jenia Tevelev. Flatness in terms of syzygies [A76]

10/9. No seminar (Columbus day).

10/16. Eduardo Cattani. Degenerations of algebraic varieties and Hodge theory. [G84]

10/23. Luca Schaffler. Q-Gorenstein deformations of surface singularities. [KSB88]

10/30. Arie Stern Gonzalez. Q-Gorenstein deformations of surface singularities. II. [KSB88]

11/6. Sebastian Torres. Topology of normal singularities on surfaces. [M61]

11/13. Angelica Simonetti. Cusp singularities of complex surfaces. [L81], [GHK15]

11/20. No seminar (Thanksgiving).

11/27. Jennifer Li. ADE singularities. [R], [D79]

12/4. Yu Fu. Bounds on singularities of stable surfaces. [RU]

12/11. Max Hully. Resolution of singularities for surfaces (in characteristic zero) -- Zariski's proof. [L75], [K07].


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