Reading seminar in algebraic geometry
Fall 2015. Fano varieties.

The seminar will meet on Monday afternoons, 4:00--5:00PM in LGRT 1322.


9/11. Organizational meeting, 4:30PM, LGRT 1634.

9/21. Paul Hacking. What is a Fano variety?

9/28. Jenia Tevelev. Fano varieties of Mori dreams.

10/5. Jenia Tevelev. Fano varieties of Mori dreams, II.

10/12. No seminar (Columbus day).

10/19. Feifei Xie. Blowups and birational geometry of surfaces.

10/26. Tassos Vogiannou. Spherical tropicalization.

11/2. Sebastian Torres. The 27 lines on a cubic surface.

11/9. Arie Stern-Gonzalez. Del Pezzo surfaces.

11/16. No seminar.

11/23. David Cox (Amherst College). Toric Fano varieties.

11/30. No seminar.

12/7. Huy Le. Special cubic 4-folds.


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I. Dolgachev, Classical algebraic geometry. Lecture notes.

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B. Hassett, Special cubic 4-folds, Harvard PhD thesis, 1996. pdf.

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