Reading seminar in algebraic geometry
Fall 2011.


Sept 9. Organizational meeting, 4:30PM, LGRT 1634.
Sept 16. Paul Hacking, Moduli of surfaces and vector bundles. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634.
Sept 23. Anna Kazanova, Vector bundles on Godeaux surfaces. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634.
Sept 30. Julie Rana, Stable quintic surfaces. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634.
Oct 7. Toby Wilson, Hilbert schemes and affine Springer fibers. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634.
Oct 14. Jenia Tevelev, (Moduli of) Korean surfaces. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634.
Oct 21 Stephen Coughlan, Graded rings and singular surfaces. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634. Abstract.
Oct 28. No meeting due to AGNES.
Nov 4. David Cox, Singularities of Rational Curves via Syzygies. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634.
Nov 11. No meeting (Veteran's day).
Nov 18. Rina Anno, Mukai flops and calculations of Fourier-Mukai transforms. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634. Abstract.
Nov 25. No meeting (Thanksgiving).
Dec 2. No meeting.
Dec 9. Luca Scala, Symmetric powers of tautological bundles on the Hilbert scheme of points on a surface. 2:45PM, LGRT 1634. Abstract.

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