Reading seminar in algebraic geometry.
Fall 2022: Mirror symmetry

This semester the reading seminar will study mirror symmetry.

The seminar will consist of talks by faculty followed by talks by graduate students. We will attempt to make the seminar accessible to everyone.

The seminar will meet on Fridays, 2:30PM--3:30PM, in LGRT 1322.

Tentative Schedule

9/9. Organizational meeting.

9/16 Paul Hacking. What is mirror symmetry?

9/23 Charles Ouyang. Higgs bundles and SYZ geometry

9/30 No seminar due to BATMOBILE conference.

10/7 Postponed due to illness.

10/14 Wendelin Lutz. Mirror symmetry for toric Fano manifolds.

10/21 Eyal Markman. Mukai's SL(2,Z) action on the derived category of an abelian variety.

10/28 Paul Hacking. Mirror symmetry for Fano manifolds. Abstract.

11/4 Cristian Rodriguez.

11/11 No seminar (Veteran's day).

11/18 Ethan Zhou.

11/25 No seminar (Thanksgiving).

12/2 Chunlin Shao.

12/9 Arthur Wang.

12/16a Joe Foster.

12/16b Yuxuan Yang.

Some references

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Homological Mirror Symmetry for log Calabi--Yau surfaces, by P. Hacking and A. Keating arxiv.

A beginner's introduction to Fukaya categories, by D. Auroux arxiv.

Four dimensions from two in symplectic topology, by M. Symington arxiv.

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