Math 131 Placement Exam, Spring 2023

One sitting during the first week of classes:
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Intended audience: Students who have thoroughly mastered the topics in Math 131 through a high school course, but who do not have credit for Math 131 from a college transfer course or an exam (AP, IB, or A-levels).

Outcome: A student who passes the exam with a grade of C or higher will have a note on the transcript that the Math 131 placement exam was passed. This note has two effects: 1) it will satisfy any Math 131 prerequisite (e.g., for Math 132) and 2) it will satisfy any Math 131 requirement in program requirements (e.g, for a major or a minor). Note, however, that no credit will be awarded for passing the exam.

Structure of the exam: The exam is a mixture of multiple choice, short answer, and long answer questions, covering the topics of Math 131 at UMass (see the Math 131 Webpage). No calculators or notes are allowed on the exam. Two hours are allotted for the exam. Student ID's will be checked.

Further details: The exam is free. Sign-up is strongly recommended (see above for the link).

Study Materials:

Questions about the exam should be directed to Eric Sommers (click on the Home link above and scroll to the bottom).